What would you do if you knew where a spammer lived?

1/1: What would you do if you knew where a spammer lived?

Put them on all the mailing lists you could find.
Let everyone know their address.
Turn them into the authorities.
Other, Please give details.
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Since they do not have respect for me, my friends, my neighbors, internet users, children and minors.    I feel they are like a mop, waste of  human dna so  put them to use first.

1. Make them clean my  house on a dog chain, move all the heavy things, in my house. Clean out all the spam they sent me and have them write; "I will not spam again 150,000 times" while being in a hot closed window room.  Keep in mind this treatment is cruel to a normal human being. But we are talking about  something bit different such as people that will wreck your life.   Those that will drain your bank account(s), have your significant other think your cheating on them.  Make you very ill from those second hand pills, have you locked up from all the illegal software and so on.

2.  After getting this type of payback turning them into the authorities.

3. Have media publish using spammers as a household item first and handing over to the police after.

Maybe that will stop all the unwanted junk mail harassment, at least in Northern America? Most of those spammers anyway are probably from North America.  Who are conducting operations overseas where lax spam laws, if any spam laws at all exist.