Known Spammer Domains

Here is an ever expanding list of known spammer domains.  Currently at 121772 these domains have been known to collaborate with the spammers in an attempt to get your money in one way or another.    A great majority of these domain names are hosted in China..   Please keep checking back daily as this list will continue to grow when new sites are found..    If your domain name is on this list, STOP associating with spammers to send out UCE, also known as SPAM!!!    Keep in mind, that domains hosted on the same IPs will also be listed here. So its an incentive to not be hosted on a spammers web server. Primarily, this list is compiled using domains from spam email and referrer spam used by web spammers visiting our site

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If you have a comment about this list, or feel a name should not be on this list, feel free to let us know, and we'll check into the validity of your claim. One last thing, we've noticed a few things here on this list. If the domain holder changes IPs, changes ownership, sells, or discontinues the domain name, it will not have an effect on its listing here. Once its listed for SPAM, it becomes permanent, unless a valid argument is presented with proof. Court rulings to have a name removed, will not have an effect on that name being removed, rather than the opposite and will make it more difficult to remove.

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