Advertised Spam Links

As of November 2009, we are now publishing the known websites that have been advertised by spammers when they try to auto-inject messages by robots.  The owners of these websites are encouraged fix any security issues they have and to contact us to get removed off of this list.  This also includes any rouge affiliates that you pay to advertise for your site(s). To help you locate the most likely place on your website that has been infected, we are proving the entire URL of the spam message below.  All URLs are alphabetized.. Currently we have a number of 0 spammed URLs listed below.  To be removed from this list, please contact us after you have removed the offending spam messages and have secured your website from further infections.

Use the center scrollbar to see the entire list.
If you have a comment about this list, or feel a name should not be on this list, feel free to let us know, and we'll check into the validity of your claim.  Once its listed for SPAM, it becomes permanent, until spammers stop advertising the domains listed above.  Court rulings to have a name removed, will not have an effect on that name being removed, rather than the opposite and will make it more difficult to remove.

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