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We have just updated the services to the KB Article Depository. So now you can browse the articles to find your solutions to your problems. Please let us know how it looks and feels for you and to give feed back for further developments.

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File Links

Recently I had just found out that the downloads were not working as of Thursday April 26th. They are now working and we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone.


Got a story or comment to tell the world about spam?

Do you have a spam related story you want to tell the world about? But you feel its not convent for you to login and start typing away at the keyboard? Well we have a possible solution for you at hand, why not just put it into an email and send it to us with all the perticulars on the author and we can review it and include it as soon as we can get to it. Its that simple. So why not give it a try and see what you think. All posts are subject to the same spam rules applied on the website. Links are verified before inclusion and when sending to the email, it is checked against DNSBL, and reverse IPs. Here is the email you can send your posts to for review. postings at spacequad dot com
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Spam Free EMail Accounts

EMail Accounts are SPAM free. Here's the thing, if someone is sending an email to this domain, and the user does not exist, then that email will not get on the system. If the user does exist, but the sender is from a known IP that has SPAMMED or listed from one of the following blacklisted country known to not care about SPAM.

Blacklisted countries are as listed:

Hong Kong
Saudia Arabia
El Salvador
South Africa

This list is not all inclusive, and is subject to change at any given time without notice.

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Spacequad E-Mail

For those of you that are looking to get away from SPAM and wish to have a clean mailbox, without the hassles of constantly deleting junk mail from the spammers, look no further. We offer E-Mail accounts that do NOT allow UCE's (SPAM) into your mailbox. You wonder how can we do this? Simple, we check known databases against the incoming email (who its from) against the reverse IP address. Also, with our own in-house domain spam list, we can almost immediately stop the flow of any spammer that did manage to slip by our normal detection scheme. Are you wanting to get an account here at Spacequad Internet Services? Then read more...

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