Facebook's Take it Or Leave It Policy

When you joined Facebook.  Did you expect to have privacy?  Or even the fact that you could login without significant problems?  Did you expect to at least have some type of support other than knowledgebase articles.  Like perhaps an email to support or maybe a phone number for your inquiries..  Well for millions of people, this is exactly the issues they face when they open this book everyday. 

For a social network site that has over 750 million users, and in the number one spot on rankings, these problems should not exist.  Looking at the number two spot, Twitter with 250 million users, has a contact us page and address openly available.  No such thing for Facebook, who boast they are a hundred billion dollar company.

While writing this article, I discovered allot about the pitfalls that Facebook has risen to, or should I say fallen into.  Lets take these fore-mentioned items in order from the top.


After seeing the complaints online in the various forums and media outlets about people complaining about the privacy that was not so private with Facebook, I dove in and read more and more.  What I found was alarming to say the most.  What these people were talking about were the fact that if you closed your Facebook account, your pictures and private details were still available.  Not to mention that it was also possible to get this information even if you had made it private in the first place.  This means that your full name, address, phone numbers, email names, and just about anything else was available if you knew how to search for it.

This also brings up the problems associated with the apps that are showcased with Facebook.  Like the games or any other third party apps.  Facebook has allowed itself to let in the worst possible scoundrels of third party programmers that ask for your personal and private information in order to let you interact with their apps in the first place.  These so called third party programmers then take your information and use it for nefarious purposes, like spamming your email, sending messages as if it were coming from you in Facebook, creating virus's that sneak into your computer while using these apps, and many other reasons that are not pleasant.


When it comes to support at Facebook, do not expect to get any.  For now, there is no real support to speak of, like email or phone support.  With a company that is supposedly worth a hundred billion dollars, as reported by The Register, a UK company, you would think that they could give the proper support.  Even Facebook's own blog posting by an employee states in his last paragraph "Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, suggestions, feedback, confusion or anything along those lines at the Facebook Help Center. I can't promise you that we'll be able to make everything just the way you want it, but we'll sure as hell try. At the very least, know that your voice is being heard." 

The so called warnings that Facebook notifies its users of are there to warn the person that is logged into that account at the time of the offense.  This says nothing to the user in an email if a problem has arisen.  Then trying to jump thru the various hoops just to get their account cleaned up.  Case in point on another previous article, Facebook Lockouts, here at Spacequad AntiSpam Services.

With all the complaints that are now seen in the search engines by people looking to find answers to their problems, its a wonder that people haven't started to run away from this social network giant for the lack of support they so claim and cherish.

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