Facebook Lockouts

Are Facebook users being locked out of their accounts?  Sure they are.  The reasons very from one to the next, but in the end, the account owners are finding it difficult, if not, impossible to regain access.  A friend came to me asking to help her regain access to her account after being locked out.  She reported that she was notified that after inputting her login information that her she did not provide the correct login credentials.  This was using her browsers stored login and save password she had on file.  She knew that it was working just a few hours earlier when she had logged in.  However, when going back to her Facebook page to check on a message she had received via email from a comment she had posted and wanted to read the rest of the comments that other users had left, she then discovered the problems that so many other users were also plagued with.

So, now comes the daunting task of trying to get back into the account.  I've gone from trying to login as usual, to changing the password.  Still no joy.  I get the message that states.



So I provide what I think is the correct information to yet get this message.


So I decided to have them send me a copy of my password to my email account they have on record.

I get the email just fine and then input the code, thinking that I'm about to get into my account.  Thats not true.  It now asks me to reset my password to something new.  So I input the password I want and here to find out that it is not accepted, so I try again with a different password.  Finally, I get a password that I can use.  Here to find out I get the following.



Here we go again.  I feel like I'm getting the run around.  Now they want me to input a captcha.



And the fun just continues.  Now they are asking to varify with the a phone.  So I enter my phone number.



Confirm Phone number



I enter my number, knowing that I do not have a cell phone and do not have text capabilities, I wonder how this is going to work.  So I click the Call Me button and hit continue.


Its funny, everyone must be having this problem.  So I keep trying over the next few hours and get this message.



Seems like Facebook is having issues with allot of users with this same problem.  The Send me a text option seems to work, but unfortunately, its only available for those that have SMS text for mobile phones.

It would be more productive if Facebook would fix this problem and allow the Call me feature to work and also not use URLs in their messages, instead use codes like they do in the Send me a text message so that they can be inputted in the field when asked to.

Tell us your horror stories about your experiences with the problems your having trying to login with this problem.  If this turns out to be allot of people having the same issues, we'll create a special forum block for everyone to login and post their stories in the forum.

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